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Sad Demise of Janab B.M Basha Saheb Ex.President Mandya Municipal Corporation

BM Basha

Marhum Janab B.M Basha Saheb

Mandya 20 Nov 2014: This is to bring it to your notice that Janab B.M Basha Saheb Ex.President Mandya Municipal Corporation expired in the wee hours today at around 3:00 am in Mandya.

The time of Namaaz-e-Janaza is will be performed today at 4:00 pm in Mehdavia Sadath Masjid, Mandya and Tadfin will be in Mehdavia Khabristhan, Mandya.

Marhum Janaab  BM Basha Saheb was an active Politician right from his youth. He was elected to serve the Mandya Municipal Corporation for several terms and was also President of the Corporation. He was an active congress man and a good social worker. He has served our community all through his life, and is the only Mehdavi to be the President of the corporation.

We express our deep condolences to Janab BM Basha Saheb’s family members.


إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un

May Allah, bless him with his infinite Mercy and his Divine vision. Aameen!

Message from: Haz Peer o Murshid Syed Hussain Ishaqi Sajjada Nasheen & Anjuman-e-Mehdavia, Mandya

Sanaha-e-irtihaal Nihayat ranj-o-alam ke saath ye qabar dijati hai ke Hamare aur aap ke har dil Azeez Maqbool leader Janab B.M Basha Saheb Ex Municipal Councillor o Ex President Mandya City Municipality ka inteqal hochuka hai.Marhoom bahut sari qoobiyoon ke malik they.Bila lihaaz mazhab o millat loogoon ki qidmath kiya karte they.yahi wajah hai ke aaj logoon sailab umand pada hai. Mandya Sheher aj ekk muslim leader se mehroom hochuka hai.Dua hai ke Allah Rabbul Izzat Habeeb-e-Paak saw o Imamuna Mahdi as ke sadqe marhoom ki magfirat farmaye apne deedar se musharraf farmaye.  Aameen!

Shareek e Gham!Haz Peer o Murshid Syed Hussain Ishaqi Sajjada Nasheen , Sadr o Motamad o Jumla Arakeen Mehdavia Sadat Masjid Mandya.

Message from: Janab Abdul Khader Khan Saheb, Honarary Chairman- Mehdavia Times Welfare Trust, Mandya

Janab BM Basha Sahab Bachpan se hi mere azeez dost rahe, Aaj ye qabar badihi ranj-o-gham ke saat sunayajaraha hai. Be shak Marhum Janab BM Basha Saheb qaum ke ek Ache Qaid rahe, aur unki qoumi-o-milli qidmaat ku hum sab nahi bholasakenge. Allah tala se dua hai ke Marhum ki maghfirat farmakar, apne Deedar se Nawaze. Aameen !

Shareek e Gham! Janab Abdul Khader Khan Saheb, Honarary Chairman- Mehdavia Times Welfare Trust, Mandya

Message from: Janab Malik Shamshuddin Saheb, Gen Secretary – Mehdavia Movement, Chanpatan

Janab BM Basha Sahab was a very good social worker, he was also the Trustee of Mehdavia Movement and Chairman of our Medical Camps. He never said no to anybody for a service. Whenever we send any one to seek his help, he would helped them wholeheartedly irrespective of day or night.

Shareek e Gham! Janab Malik Shamshuddin Saheb, Gen Secretary- Mehdavia Movement, Channapatna

Shareek e Gham: Quam ke ek habeeb Qaid ku khone ke gham me:

  • Anjuman-e-Mehdavia, Channapatan
  • Anjuman-e-Mehdavia, Kirgaval
  • Anjuman-e-Mehdavia, Bannur
  • Anjuman-e-Mehdavia, Mysore 
  • Mehdavia Kurshid Masjid, Mysore etc..

Visit to Dayera-e-Erode, Tamil Nadu

Erode4Dear brothers and sisters in faith, Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullahhi wa Barakaatuhu. I am extremely happy to share with you a wonderful experience I had recently, regarding my visit to Pallipalyam, a Daira in Erode of Tamil Nadu State.

I was on an official visit to Kochi, during the month of August 2014. Ever Since I learnt about the Palghat Daira in Kerala through the Mehdavia Times Whats App group, I was fascinated to visit this important and endangered daira , as bhai Inayath Ulla Khan defined. Alhamdulillah I had an off on Friday, 15th August and decided to go to visit it. I expressed this intention to him and asked him to guide my on this important journey. He connected me to Hazrat Nisar Miya Murshid of Erode through con call, I am extreamly happy to speak to them over this conference call as both of them advised and guided me thoroughly to plan my trip. The planning of how, where and when to go and the directions were very well discussed and action was pending on my side.

Erode3As planned, I started at 4:00 am in the morning from Kochi by train and reached Erode at 11:00 am. I was honored to have Nisar Miyan to receive me at Erode railway station. He was very happy to see me coming from Kochi 312 kms from Erode and revealed that if you have the love for Buzurgan e deen , you will always succeed reaching them.

We reached Masjid-e-Mehdaviya about 5 KMs by 11:15 and spent a very good time there. I was served with a sharbat (a sweet syrup) masha Allah which was very sweet and delicious.

We discussed at length on our community, faith, many other community challenges and issues.

Erode1In particular we discussed on importance of Tayyatul wuzu Namaz and the acts of Hazrat Bilal hafshi RZ. The moment we finished discussing about this great Sahaba of Huzur e Akram Nabi e Mukarram SAW, it was time for Azan e Jumma.

There comes my next special moment, where I was delighted when I was asked by Nisarmiya, “Jao Tausif bhai, Azan dedo”.The moment I got this opportunity, I rushed to execute the order enthusiastically. I felt very lucky to get such an opportunity here in Pallipalyam, as I won’t get it in my own city Mumbai. I must say that this is due to satke tufail of Hazrat Bilal Rz. I was granted this holy opportunity.

Alhamdullillah he delivered a very enlighten sermon on the seerat of Hz.Bandagi Miyan Syed Khundmir rz. After namaz-e-jumma someone got dated and distributed amongst all brothers.

Nisar Miyan introduced me to all the brothers and appreciated my visit by saying he could have spent his holiday in roaming in some malls or simply relaxing at home but his love for Buzurgan e deen has made him come here and he will InshaAllah visit the Hazira soon to ziyarath.

I met many mehdavi brothers and was very much delighted to see them all. And the same was reciprocated towards me.

Later, Nisar Miya and I moved for ziyarat and on the way had lunch at his Cousin brother’s residence.

Due to the grace fo Allah SWT, I performed ziyarats of Hazrat Bandagi miya Yakoob Roshan Miya RA and Hazrat Bibi Hidayatullah RA .

Then in the evening after namaz e Asr, I started my journey back to Kochi via Coimbatore.This journey will never be forgotten and will be one of my best and successful day in my life.

My main motto behind sharing my experience is that if anybody wishes to perform ziyarat at Erode the holy dayera, it is very easy for him or his family one can easily reach out to Nisarmiya Murshid.

If this Gunehgar Banda has mistakenly overstated anything or praised about self, then please forgive this banda for the sake of Allah SWT.

Many thanks JazakAllah to bhai Inayath Ulla Khan & Nisarmiya Murshid. May Allah SWT bestow his blessings, mercy and grace on all of us, so as to enlighten our hearts and make us free from the worldly things.

Aameen ya Rabbal Aalameen


Tausif D Sayyed

Volunteer Correspondent – Mumbai

Mehdavia Times

Let’s Be Human this Winter

Dear Friends meet Fahad, the good samaritan with a cause. Last week he and his brother Immad were returning home, he was moved by noticing many homeless people sleeping on roads in a harsh winter. It was too cold that night. He started conversing with himself, thinking on the dire condition that these helpless people are in. He decided to offer some warmth to at least few people. He made a video to create awareness among people  about the difficulties these people are in. and to request like minded people to come forward and spread the message of ‘Lets Be Human this Winter’ and share warmth to homeless people.

We at Mehdavia Times Welfare Trust congratulate Brother Fahad to initiate this activity, and encourage all our brethren to come forward and share what ever they can to provide some warmth to homeless. You don’t really need to buy brand new blankets but just share whatever you have.

Report on the Behr-e-aam Celebrations of Hz.Bandagi Miyan Syed Ashraf Barabani Israil in Raybag on 6 Nov 2014

20141106_143933Raybag 11 Nov 2014: Alhamdu lillah the Behram was celebrations of of Hz.Bandagi Miyan Syed Ashraf Barabani Israil in Raybag on 6 Nov 2014 was very well done. Zaireen from various places visited Roza of Hz.Bandagi Miyan Syed Ashraf Barabani Israil in Raybag and performed ziyarath. On the occassion a Jalsa on the Seerat of hazrat was also held after namaz-e-zohar which was presided by Hz.Peer-o-Murshid Alhaj Maulana Maulvi Syed Jaffar Miyan Saheb Ashrafi Damat Barkatahum. The Jalsa was initiated with Quran ricital by Hafiz-o-Qari Janab Syed Jafar Sadiq Ashrafi Saheb. The audience were also addressed by Hz.Peer-o-Murshid Alhaj Maulana Maulvi Syed Fatahullah Saheb Mehmoodi, Hz.Janab Shafiullah Saheb Khundmiri & Janab Syed Imran Saheb Ashrafi.  Janab Farhan Khan Saheb recited Naat-e-Nabi sas and Janab Moyuddin Saheb Patel recited Naat-e-Khatimain ahs. Janab Abdul Khader Khan Saheb – Hon Chairman of Mehdavia Times Welfare Trust was the Mehmanan-e-Qususi. Janab Syed Sadiq Saheb Ashrafi did the Isteqbaliya Taqreer, Janab Shafiullah Mallad Saheb did Shukriya to all the Muqarireen-o-Zayereen and Janab Inayath Ulla Khan saheb did nizamat & recording of the jalsa.

The Behr-e-aam Ijma was held soon after Jalsa and Before Namaz-e-Asr under the leadership of Hz.Peer-o-Murshid Alhaj Maulana Maulvi Syed Jaffar Miyan Saheb Ashrafi Damat Barkatahum.




20141106_163111 20141106_163114 20141106_163120 20141106_163122 20141106_163125 20141106_163135 20141106_163144 20141106_163135 20141106_163156 20141106_163211 20141106_163235 20141106_163309

Behr-e-Aam-o-Urs Mubarak of Hz. Bandagi Miyan Syed Ashraf Barabani Israil

RayBag: 11 Muharram 1436 AH / 05 Nov 2014: Aap tamaam ku ye ittela di jatihai ke kal baroz-e-Jumerat matabigh 11 Muharram 1436 AH i.e, 05 Nov 2014 Belgaum district ke RayBag me Hz. Bandagi Miyan Syed Ashraf Barabani Israil ka Behr-e-Aam munnaqad hai, Hazrat ki wafat 13 Muharram, 999H me huvi. Insha Allah is mauqepar Hazrat ke roze ke paas Seerati Jalsa Munaqad Hai.

  • Zer-e-sarparasti: Hz.Maulana Maulvi Syed Jaffar Miyan Sahab Ashrafi Ahle Chanpatan, Karnataka
  • Muqareer: Hz.Janab Syed Shafiullah Saheb Khundmiri Ahle Chanpatan, Karnataka
  • Mehman-e-Qususi: Janab Abdul Khader Saheb Mandya, Hon President Mehdavia Times Welfare Trust.


Behream on Thurday, 12 Muharram 1436 AH / 06 Nov 2014

  • Ziyarat: Baad-e-Fajar in Raybag
  • Jalsa: Baad-e-Namaz-e-Zohur at Hazira

Urs on Friday, 13 Muharram 1436 AH / 07 Nov 2014

Aap tamaam se kaseer tedad me shirkat karne ke guzarish hai.

Deeni Mehfil in the month of November 2014 by Idara-e-Tanzeem-e-Mehdavia, Hyderabad

Deeni Mehgil Nov 2014

Falah Mahdavia Society (FMS) announces its (23rd) online lecture on 31st of October 2014

Falah Mahdavia Society (FMS) is happy to announce that its (23rd) online lecture will be held on Friday 31st of October 2014 Correspondent to 7th Muharram 1436 H. @ 06:30 PM (Saudi Arabia Time) In shaa’ Allah.
Program starts with Recitation of Quran by : 
  • Janab Syed Nusrath Aziz Sahab
  • Janab Syed Abdul Wahab Mahdavi Sahab  (B.Sc. Graduate)
  • Hafiz Hazarath Maulana Shah Naseeruddin Nizami Sahab Qibla Daam-e-Barkatuhu (Afzal ul Ulema)
Vote of Thanks
  • Janab Syed Mohammed Kamran Khundmiri Sahab
  • Residence Janab Mohammed Zafar Siddiq Sahab and Janab Syed Aziz Ashraf Sahab
For further details please contact: Jabab Syed Ali Ihteshamuddin Sahab on 0544738447

198th Jalsa-e-Shahadath Jung-e-Chanchalguda in Hyderabad on 27 Oct 2014

Hyderabad 27 Oct 2014: This is to bring it to your notice that, Committee Naujawan Qoum-e- Mehdavia Hyderabad is organising the 198th Jalsa-e-Shahadath Jung-e-Chanchalguda in Hyderabad on 27 Oct 2014 after Isha (8:30 pm) at Masjid Hz.Alama Shamsi RA near Raj Darbar Hotel.

Insha Allah Hz Peer O Murshid Syed Ali Murtuza  Faraz Miya Mujtehadi Sahab Qibla, Moheb-e-Qhoum Janab Mohammed Naimath Ullah Khan Soofi Sahab will address the gathering.

All the ashiquan-e-Mehdi Maud AS are requested to attend the Jalsa in large gathering.

For More details contact Janab Mehraj Dildar Khan Saheb: 09866188771

List of Shohuda

  1. Hz Abdaar Khan Sahab Ra
  2. Hz Aja Miya Sahab Ra
  3. Hz Ajmal Khan Sahab Ra Deccani
  4. Hz Allah Bakhash Bhai Ra
  5. Hz Amanath Khan Sahab Ra Gard Zai
  6. Hz Baade Shah Miya Sahab Ra Yadullahi
  7. Hz Baga Miya Sahab Ra
  8. Hz Bahadur Khan Sahab Ra Ghori
  9. Hz Bahadur Khan Sahab Ra Hubli
  10. Hz Bahadur Khan Sahab Ra Nagad
  11. Hz Basath Khan Sahab Ra Hussain Zai
  12. Hz Bawa Miya Sahab Ra
  13. Hz Dalil Khan Sahab Ra Doulath Zai
  14. Hz Dawood Ali Khan Sahab Ra Ali Zai
  15. Hz Ghordou Bhai Sahab Ra
  16. Hz Gulzar Khan Sahab Ra Khokar
  17. Hz Hassan Ahmed Sahab Ra Deccani
  18. Hz Hussain Khan Sahab Ra Khan Zada
  19. Hz Hyder Khan Sahab Ra Omer Zai
  20. Hz Jeewan Khan Sahab Ra Omer Zai
  21. Hz Kareem Sahab Ra Deccani
  22. Hz Khan Sahab Ra Bahalimi
  23. Hz Khub Miya Sahab Ra
  24. Hz Lateef Sahab Ra
  25. Hz Lateef Sahab Ra
  26. Hz Lateef Sahab Ra
  27. Hz Mahmood Khan Ra Sahab Nagad
  28. Hz Manja Miya Sahab Ra Mehmodi
  29. Hz Misri Khan Ra Sahab Nagad
  30. Hz Miya Shab Miya Sahab Ra
  31. Hz Miya Syed Nusrath Ra
  32. Hz Mohammed Ghalib Sahab Ra Deccani
  33. Hz Mohammed Qasem Sahab Ra Deccani
  34. Hz Mohi Uddin Sahab Ra
  35. Hz Mubarak Bhai Sahab Ra
  36. Hz Mukhareb Khan Sahab Ra Durya Zai
  37. Hz Mumreez Khan Sahab Ra Durya Zai
  38. Hz Qade Sahab Ra Sher Shekari
  39. Hz Roshan Miya Sahab Ra
  40. Hz Sawai. Khan Sahab Ra
  41. Hz Sawant Khan Sahab Ra Sarkhil Zai
  42. Hz Shah Mohammed Khan Sahab Ra Suleman Zai
  43. Hz Shah Sahab Miya Sahab Ra
  44. Hz Shah Sahabiya Sahab Ra
  45. Hz Shaik Hussain Sahab Ra Lat Mar
  46. Hz Shaik Shuja Ullah Sahab Ra
  47. Hz Shamsher Khan Sahab Ra Sarkhil Zai
  48. Hz Syed Alam Shah Sahab Ra
  49. Hz Syed Munawer Urf Roshan Miya Shab Ra
  50. Hz Syed Najam Uddin Urf Roshan Miya Sahab Ra
  51. Hz Wazeer Khan Sahab Ra Dalla Zai


Lailat-ul-Imaan between 22nd – 23 rd night of October’2014 (26th – 27th ZilHaj)

Dear Musaddiqeens, Assalamualeikum wa Rahmatullahhi wa Barakaatuhu,

It is my privilege to inform you all that, tonight i.e, 26th – 27th Zilhaj is observed as ‘Lailat-ul-Iman’ and celebrated by  praying for the salamati of our Imaan.

It is on this night, that Hazrat Bandagi Miya Syed Shareef Tashreefullah RZ  was born, who is the son of Hazrat Bandagi Miya Shah Khundmeer Siddiq e Vilayat RZ.

It is our humble request to all of you to pray for the salamati of our Imaan and of all Mehdavis.

You can read more about this in the book “Seerat e Siddiq e Vilayat RZ”, written by Murshidona Wa Maqdoomuna Hazrat Ismail Moosa Miya 2nd (RH) Ahl e Hasteda on page number 174 & 175. The same is been displayed below for your reference.

IMG-20141022-WA0037 IMG-20141022-WA0038

Imaan ki daulat jo Laafaani daulat hai, uska khayaal karte hue, hum Allah ka shukr baja laate hai ki jo bin maangi daulat se hame Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala ne nawaza hai.

Isi Yakeen ki manzil ko hame Allah ta’Qayamat tak baaki rakhe, aur Allah ki parasthish , farmabadari aur Mohabbat se kaamyaab hojaye.

I am very grateful to Mehdavia Times group for giving me an opportunity to send updates and events of our Mehdavia community.

I humbly request to all the youngsters who are the future of our community to actively participate in such initiatives and become a part of sawab-e-zariya.

May Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala bestow blessings on all of us who are continuously working for the welfare of our community for the sake of only Allah.

Aameen ya Rabbal Aalameen

Hz Bandagi Miran Syed Shah Yakoob ‘Hasan-e-Vilayath’ RZ

  • Zil Haj 22 – Bahr-e-Aam Hz Bandagi Miran Syed Shah Yakoob ‘Hasan-e-Vilayath’ RZ
  • Zil Haj 23 – Urs Hz Bandagi Miran Syed Shah Yakoob ‘Hasan-e-Vilayath’ RZ

Hz Bandagi Miran Syed Shah Yakoob ‘Hasan-e-Vilayath’ RZ:

By the glad tidings of Imamuna Mehdi AS, this noble couple Hz Miran Syed Mehmood ‘Sani-e-Mehdi RZ and Hz Bibi Kad Bano RZ had three sons (Mubashar-e-Mehdi AS). His first son is Hz Syed Abdul Hai ‘Roshan Munawar RZ, second son is Hz Syed Yakoob ‘Hasan-e-Vilayath RZ also well known as ‘Shajaratul-Murshideen’ from him the famous lineage of the ‘Barah Bani Israil-E-Vilayath’ blooms. His 3rd son is Hz Miyan Syed Ahmed RZ passed away in infancy and a daughter Hz Bibi Khunza Fatima RZ (she was given in marriage to Hz Syed Mehmood RA alias ‘Mehmood Shah son of Miyan Syed Ataullah RA).
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